Mosa Generators The GE 2200 BI and GE 3000 BI are with single-phase 2.2 and 3 kW.
These are the new MOSA inverter Generating Sets that can be used at home. They also can be used for hobby and for leisure time. Even more silent, efficient and lighter against standard models. GE 2200 BI and GE 3000 BI have an inverter technology allowing stable and precise energy to be supplied. This supports sophisticated electronic equipment, voltage and frequency-sensitive. In this way. All the facilities of your home can be used wherever you decide: lights, fans, coffee machines, laptops, radios or TVs etc. Thanks to Power Smart, this adjusts the motor speed automatically, noise and so emissions are dramatically reduced and fuel is saved. Extremely compact dimensions and light weight (only 24 kg for GE 2200 BI and 38 kg for GE 3000 BI) make them extremely handy and easy to transport. Utilisation safety is guaranteed by the overload shut down and engine shut down for low oil level. Mosa Generators

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