Ergoplus Torches Gas The highly renowned ERGOPLUS MIG gun has been updated to a new standard. In addition to the new ergonomic design, significant improvements have been made to the welding performance of the ERGOPLUS MIG gun. The handle of the new ERGOPLUS is made of two components, rubber and plastic. Rubber textures are located on the top and the underside of the handle surface areas, where the human hand needs to hold the handle naturally and precisely. The natural position of the human hand—a triangular shape in two directions—has been the leading principle in designing the handle of the ERGOPLUS from start to finish. ERGOPLUS provides two different ergonomic designed types of bending support; one for water-cooled and one for air-cooled models. The double ball joint used with the water-cooled torches, makes the movements of the torch limitless and keeps the whole product in perfect balance. On the air-cooled torch versions is a cleverly designed plastic spring-bending support. The plastic spring solution is giving support to the cable and with less downwards force, we reached a better balance on the handle

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