Ergofresh Fume Torches Air A single welding operator can produce up to 40 grams of airborne fumes and particles per hour. Worker safety is a very important trend in the welding industry that is expected only to grow. The new ERGOFRESH is our answer to the demand for better safety. With the ERGOFRESH fume extraction MIG torch, a welder and their colleagues will breathe clean air rather than the fumes created during the welding process. The extraction efficiency for all ERGOFRESH models has been measured according to new standard ISO 21904. Under this standard, 94% of welding fumes are removed directly as they are generated and long before they reach the welder’s breathing area. in addition to enjoying clean air, the ERGOFRESH guarantees premium ergonomics The natural position of the human hand has been the leading principle in designing the handle of the ERGOFRESH from start to finish. The ERGOFRESH trigger solution has been fitted with a sealed microswitch trigger. It is more reliable than the alternative mechanical solution which has an open contact exposed to dirt, dust, and humidity. The micro switch is IP67 protected, a much higher standard than other electrical components on welding systems, ensuring a long lifetime of reliable use.

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