Kemppi MMA Minarc Evo 180 is the latest MMA model from the popular Minarc Evo family. It has all the great qualities of its predecessor, and then some. Upgraded, improved, and more powerful, it serves the agile welder better than ever with greater welding capacity. The delivery package includes both MMA welding lead and earth return lead and clamp. Every element of the Minarc Evo 180 is designed to meet the needs of professional welders on the move. Where size, weight, and welding quality are concerned, there is no equal. Can be powered from the mains or generator power supply, even via extra long supply cables, thus ideal for on-site use. Easy to carry, so you can carry everything you need in one journey. Excellent arc stability in all welding positions and for a wide range of electrode types up to 4mm electrodes, with large voltage reserves and automatic arc force control The capability to use with mains or portable power generators ensures that you always have power supply options Built for the welder on the move. The power source is housed in an impact resistant plastic casing Safe to use in damp or humid welding environments thanks to reduced Open Circuit Voltage (90 volts or lower) Save time by welding for longer due to the reduced need for machine cooling breaks Reliable arc ignition reduces wasted time and increases welding quality A single machine covers a wide range of welding applications Easy to transport and carry onsite with a fast one man setup Kemppi MMA

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