TP Inverter Multi-Process Welders Microprocessor-controlled welding inverter suitable for DC controlled MIG/MAG, TIG and STICK WELDING, which guarantees excellent stability of the welding arc and no welding spatters.TP Inverter Multi-Process Welders In STICK mode, the microprocessor controls the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-sticking functions. In TIG mode, it controls the Lift Arc function (TIG pulse for models TP220/TP220 XL) and in MIG mode it allows either manual, fully synergic welding or Pulse mode (for models TP220/TP220 XL).Slope-up motor setting and automatic soft start wire feed control of the arc. TP Inveter Multi-Process Welders All functions can be easily selected on the front panel.Digital displays (LCD on models TP220/TP220 XL) show the welding voltage and current and all the parameters selected. Models TP210 PFC/TP220 are compact, lightweight and equipped to accept reels with diameter of 200 mm. Models TP210 XL PFC/TP220 XL/TP250/TP270 are fitted to accept reels with diameter of 300mm and 200mm.Their simplicity and versatility make them perfect for use in body shops, workshops and for all maintenance tasks TP Inveter Multi-Process Welders 3 Year R.T.B. Warranty

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