The HELVi® TIG inverters are available in single and three phase versions. The are designed to guarantee excellent welding qualities, reliability and easy to use. An easy-to-read overview simplifies the choices between the various types of welding. Adjustments of the various welding parameters. A balancing function also enables the ratio between penetration and cleaning of the weld pool to be regulated. TIG The HELVi® Compact 220 AC/DC is a TIG welding unit utilising AC/DC, plus MMA for welding all commercial coated electrodes. An easy interface simplifies the welding choices. Machine only. 230v (16amp) supply 10amp – 200amp output current Powerful 200amp @ 40% duty cycle MMA, HF Lift-TIG (AC/DC) welding types Can be used with foot pedal or a remote controller Ideal for structural steel work, automotive, industry Integrated balancing and adjustments: initial, base, peak, pulse, crater filler, slope-up/down, pre/post gas Completely generator friendly Made in Italy
3 Year R.T.B. Warranty

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