MMA / Lift Tig ENG • MMA/TIG inverters technology machines designed to be powered from any input voltage between 90 to 270V. Thanks to the FLEX-LINE function, the deviceautomatically recognizes the value of theinput power supply (110V or 220V). Equipped with the PFC function, which ensures high effciency of the units and allows to weld with high currents and low consumptions. IT • Generatori inverter studiati per esserealim entati da qualsiasi linea elettrica con tensioni tra 90V e 270V. Grazie al sistema FLEX-LINE riconoscono automaticamente la tensione in ingresso (110V o 220V). Dotati di sistema PFC, il quale assicura ottimi rendimenti permettendo di saldare con elevate correnti e bassi assorbimenti 3 Year R.T.B. Warranty
MMA / Lift Tig
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