Mig Switched Transformer Three-phase professional and industrial MIG welding units The Power Source are on wheels. Equipped with euro connection torch, pressure regulator, gas hose, ground cable and clamp. They are equipped with timer for spot welding and with welding current and arc voltage displays . The Machines are well suited for small and medium sized welding workshops. Mig Switched Transformer UNIMIG is the series of three-phase generators They are step controlled, for semi-automatic welding MIG/MAG equipped with separate 4 roll wire feeder. The UNIMIG series is a product that is perfectly suited for heavy industrial use. UNIMIG has a wide range of models it is also perfectly suitable for light and middle industrial fabrication. The generators are available as gas cooled units in their standard version, which employs as standard the appropriate gas cooled torch. There is an optional external cooling unit. Mig Switched Transformer These HELVi® MIG transformer welders are heavy duty machines, capable of satisfying workshop, garage and bodywork demands. These units are also perfect for use in professional welding scenarios, including factory use. A selection of units are available across the entire SIP collection and, as with all HELVi® machines, these units are designed and manufactured in Italy.
3 Year R.T.B. Warranty

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