Helvi Products Helvi Situated in Italy, with nearly 40 years of experience. HELVi® continues to reassert itself as an ideal partner for researching and developing technological solutions for the welding industry. HELVI are always offering innovative products in line with the needs of the market and its own customers. Whatever the needs of the customers, whether a craftsman or a professional welder. HELVi® offers products that meet the highest standard of quality and reliability. This is emphasised through quality European manufacturing, and the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all machines. Like the majority of the HELVi® range, these models are controlled by a powerful microprocessor. These units are suitable for a range of welding forms, including MMA, MIG/MAG manual, synergic or pulsed. DC-TIG, ARC and others. This range is highly flexible and all these models remove the need for multiple machines in any workshop or garage. Helvi Products The HELVi® TIG inverters are available in single and three phase versions designed to guarantee excellent welding qualities, reliability and easy to use. An easy-to-read overview simplifies the choices between the various types of welding and adjustments of the various welding parameters. A balancing function also enables the ratio between penetration and cleaning of the weld pool to be regulated. Helvi https://helvi.com/en