Grinding, Cutting & Flap Discs
WELDLINE is the “Welder’s Environment” brand that off ers a large range of tools and accessories dedicated to welding applications (manual torches, cables, earth clamps, brushes and hammers, sprays…) as well as individual protective equipment for the welder (gloves, clothes, goggles, masks…) and for his environment (strips, curtains, etc..).
Continuous research on the best products, high quality at the right price, compliance with the most rigorous European standards, are the main master words that describe the WELDLINE off er with a major objective: our customer’s satisfaction.
The choice of quality products
Chosen by an international team, WELDLINE products comply with European standards, aiming to meet customer’s requirements better.
Balancing quality with price
The purchasing power for the benefi t of our customers.
Optimised logistics
Single image, single stock, single numbering to increase product availability.
Weldline is off ering a range of cutting and grinding disks designed for the main
applications of industrial customers.
◆ Two extra thin cutting disks of 1 mm for steel and stainless steel.
◆ Flat and depressed center, hard cutting disk range for structural steel.
◆ A range of hard grinding disks for structural steel.
◆ A range of abrasive fl ap disks for grinding, fi nishing and cleaning applications.
Grinding, Cutting & Flap Discs

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