Cebora Pocket Turbo 130 Snap-On 130, BOC 2135
The cebora pocket turbo 130 was the most popular machine in the uk for DIY welding and many are still in use today. Sadly the the turbo 130 and Autostar machines are no longer manufactured but some parts are still available today. welding equipment and cutting services have manufactured replacement parts for the machines such as mig welding torches. The gas nozzles, liners, contact tips, mig torch necks, carry handles, contactors. the turbo 130 printed circuit board, clapper arm assembly and drive motor / gearbox are all no longer available. The Cebora pocket turbo 130 was also sold under different brand names BOC 2135 and Snap-On 130 machines which are exactly the same machine. The Cebora brand quickly became a reference name in the welding field, both in the domestic market and in several foreign markets (particularly Europe and South America) and, already in the ‘60s and ‘70s; export is an important share of the Early ‘80s, Cebora takes over the company Special Car, manufacturer of MIG welding machines of (for those years) advanced technology. It is the start of a new period of growth and of research of new products, all destined to be a remarkable international success. In 1984, the CEBORA Technical Department, With its strong team of skilled and motivated technicians, invents the first portable MIG/MAG welding machine Pocket MIG. This had an immediate and extraordinary sales success, both in Europe and in the USA.

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