Arc Air Gouging. Air carbon arc gouging works like this-First of all an electric arc is generated between the tip of a carbon electrode and the work piece. Then the metal becomes molten and a high velocity air jet streams down the electrode to blow it away. As a result, this then leaves a clean groove. The Process The process is very simple to apply. It uses the same equipment as Manual Metal Arc welding. Not to Mention, Arc Air Gouging has a high metal removal rate and the gouge profile can be closely controlled. Disadvantages Notably, the disadvantages are that the air jet causes the molten metal to be ejected over quite a large distance. This is because of high currents up to 2000 amp and high air pressures 80 to 100 pounds per square inch and it can be very noisy. Furthermore, as air carbon arc gouging does not rely on oxidation and it can be applied to a wide range of metals. DC electrode positive is preferred for steel and stainless steel. AC is more effective for cast iron, copper and nickel alloys. Typical applications include back gouging, removal of surface and internal defects. Removal of excess weld metal and preparation of bevel edges for welding. If you have a questions or are wanting some more information please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01142 424242 or send us a email Please give our Facebook page a like to keep up to date with all future offers and promotions